Virtual Office
Perception is everything –We’ll not only make your
company appear professional, we’ll make your
business efficient and more productive.

How many times have you seen a van, leaflet, or even a website where the only contact number was a mobile number? It doesn’t matter how good the information looks, you’re already thinking, one-man band. Yes, everyone needs to start somewhere, but potential clients wonder if they are big enough to support their business?

Cheshire Media provides services that will make the customer think – I want to do business with you

A telephone number says a lot about a company: 01 or 02 number says the they are a local company; 03 indicates a national presence and; 08 or 09 says be careful, it may cost a lot of money to call.

We’ll provide your business the breathing space to handle enquires professionally.

If you’re one-man-band, or a small business (less than 5 employees) Virtual Office is the ideal solution for you.

  • Low set-up cost
  • Single monthly payment
  • Monthly rolling agreement
  • Service live within 48 hours
  • Transfer your existing landline numbers 


For a demonstration, please dial 0333 0093 991