Video & Audio Services
Produce media to provoke a reaction.


Video is not new, however with the increase use of social media, the demand is EXPONENTIAL. If your business doesn’t have a strategy, be sure your competitors will. Cheshire Media will help get YOUR message across.

Like fashion, video trends change continually. What looked great 2 years ago now looks old hat.

The good news video platforms are constantly improving, and Cheshire Media can offer styles to suit ALL customers and budgets.

Video Services:

  • Various animation styles
  • Awareness videos ideal for social media
  • Videography (Live video)
  • Interactive videos

Even if a customer is interested in your product, research shows they don’t want to watch long videos. It is better to split messages into 30-60 seconds clips.

Interactive Video Frame (IVF):

Everyone is different so offer choice. IVF gives the viewer power, letting them decide what they want to see.

  • Choose what to watch
  • Create different endings
  • Pop-Ups that capture viewer data, skip to relevant sections
  • Overlay existing videos e.g. notify special offer etc.

Encourages longer website activity (Improves SEO ratings)


Audio brings words to life. From £49 let Cheshire Media help choose the right voice to promote your product or service.

Whether it be male or female, young at heart, or mature and distinguished. We’ll source  the perfect voice-over artist to suit your project.

  • Website
  • Podcast
  • Video animation
  • Telephone voice prompts

The longer you hold the viewer’s attention, the greater the chance of a sale.