Video Services
We produce media to provoke a reaction,
preparing the viewer to make that next move.


Video is not new to marketing, however with the increase use of social media, the demand is exponential. If your business doesn’t have a strategy, be sure your competitors will have.

Cheshire Media specialise in helping smaller businesses to get their message across. Yes, we have sources to provide high-end videos that costs thousands, however, our aim is to produce professional videos that are affordable for everyone.

When creating a script, the most important thing is to understand who it is for. We create media designed for the viewer, targeting that one person, so they are intrigued to want to know more. (Refer to Key Principles – About Us) 

Even if a customer is interested in your product, research shows they don’t want to watch long videos. It is better to split messages into 30-60 seconds clips.


Everyone is different, so provide media to appeal to the viewer.

Cheshire Media can provide the framework to store all your videos in one place. A portal where your customers can browse and look at material which is of interest to them.

Providing a central location enables diverse content to be offered without spoiling the aesthetic appearance of your website. In addition, more videos can be added to your portfolio without reorganising the website structure. Simply replace the video code.

The longer you hold the viewer’s attention, the greater the chance of a sale.