Portfolio Select a campaign to see how video can help your business

  • Objective: Reach large target audience, grab attention and raise customer awareness. Ability to track and monitor enquiries.

    Solution: Two-Phase animation video campaign utilising Virtual Numbers

    Phase 1: Series of kinetic typography videos to be posted on LinkedIn

    Phase 2: Follow-up email campaign to interested parties.

  • Objective: Generate awareness of a subject matter however it endorse the caring qualities of the client.

    Solution: Create a generic video to displayed on website and ALL email correspondence

    Phase 1: Generic video

  • Objective: Create marketing videos that appeal to different industry sectors.

    Solution: Produce videos that address the different issues that face tradesmen and professionals.



  • Objective: Create an awareness of a subject matter highlighting areas in the building industry consumers need to be aware of.

    Solution: A selection of videos to displayed on website and various marketing channels –  leaflets, social media, email campaigns etc.

    Phase 1: Generic video

  • Objective:  Telecom services are NOT the same. Solutions will depend on the nature of the customer and their location. How to explain a complex industry without the use of technical jargon.

    Solution: Produce a selection of videos explaining the industry; product awareness and; questionnaire to help customers identify their requirement.

    Customer Questionnaire: 

  • Objective: Identify and endorse key networking events 

    Solution: The use of different video styles to represent core values and tips for new networkers to adhere to.

    BNI Alchemy: A group of over 50 different professions or tradesmen working together to generate business across north-west of England

    4N Stockport: A flexible networking group which allows networkers to grow and improve their skills in a friendly environment.

    Networking Rule # 1: