Our Process

The whole process from consultation to video production
takes 15-20 working days, however this will depend on the
flow of communication.To simplify the procedure is it is split
into three clear stages.
process 1


Preparation is key, therefore the most important.

The meeting will last approximately 1-hour, in which will look to uncover
what makes your business unique, and what it means to your customers.

To maximise the effectiveness, you will be asked to complete a short 5-minute
exercise prior to the meeting.The interview will be conducted either by a
face-to-face, or video conference call.

video conference


Using company literature and data collected from the consultation,
several ideas will be provided. Once we have agreed a plan of how
best to proceed, a script of approximately 90-150 words will be created.
(This being the optimum to convey a message in 30-60 seconds).

The script will be accompanied with a sample audio file to capture
the desired tone for the voice-over.Although guidance will be provided,
you will be responsible for the video style and voice-over artist to be used.

At this stage, the script, voice-over is approved ready for video production.
A 50% down payment will be required before the project can commence.
script 1


After approximately 7 days the video will
be presented for you to review. Minor changes can be requested,
and order will only be completed, once you are satisfied.



Our Video Making Process Is Simple And Effective. Affordable For Both Big and Small Company.