Frequently Asked Questions

  • A video is the easiest way to convey a message. A CONSISTENT method that can used by anyone, time and time again.

  • ROI is always hard to predict however a staggering 99% of all companies, say they will continue to use video as a successful marketing tool (HubSpot 2017).

    Remember once media is created, it can be used time and time again. Potential ROI is endless.

  • There are many steps to produce a video. Creative director, script writer, voice-over artist, animator and a project manager. Extremely low-cost productions only have an animator. Therefore, YOU are expected to fulfil the other roles.

  • Video should only one part of a marketing strategy. We do and continue to offer additional services to increase clients’ visibility. Our solutions are all linked to enhance and provide continuity of your brand… (Even combining multiple services, our solutions are still be more cost-effective).

  • The client’s budget obviously plays a factor but be aware video styles/trends continuously change. We produce professional videos at sensible prices. Enabling clients to regularly refresh communication with their clients.

    If you are new to video marketing, we’ll discuss when it is best to save and where spending more can benefit your brand.

  • It is better to ask how many personalities/business sectors you wish to engage with. The more the viewer can relate to the video, the more interested they will be in your product.


  • We can provide the framework to store all your videos in ONE PLACE. A portal where your customers can browse and look at material which is of interest to them.

    Providing a central location enables diverse content to be offered without spoiling the aesthetic appearance of your website. In addition, more videos can be added to your portfolio without reorganising the website structure…Simply replace the video code.

  • We produce ANIMATED videos designed to provoke a reaction. Generating an awareness in a subject matter, a viewer may have shown no prior interest. A videographer, produces LIVE video that emphasise the client’s brand (e.g. testimonial videos)

    As with all creative agencies, Cheshire Media works closely with videographers and can recommend suitable parties to meet any specific requirement.

  • We have access to multiple professionals and tradesmen which can be called upon to obtain vital industry knowledge. After the initial meeting, we consult with these specialists to make sure YOUR solution is relevant and provides a competitive edge. Improving your appeal to the chosen audience.

If have any further questions, please get in touch. We would love to learn about you too.