Not only do we produce engaging material, we’ll help
you choose the right media for the right audience.

There is one thing to have great material, but it is another to make it useful.

As part of the consultation process we’ll discuss your customers behaviour and how they prefer to receive information. We’ll implement a marketing strategy and create a series of videos. Each video being a stepping stone closer to your business.

At Cheshire Media creating a piece of work is only part of the service. We advise how to maximise its effectiveness in everyday life.

From setting up a YouTube channel, to making your emails interactive. We’ll help to get the best out of social media and make every correspondence a sales opportunity.

Many clients we speak with, have never used video marketing. Therefore, have not experienced how powerful this technique really is.

Laying out money on an untried method can be daunting for some companies, so we have devised a way to limit risk.

*We’ll provide a cost-effective video explaining the virtues of your industry. Use this to obtain feedback from your contacts, once assured, we can discuss a tailored campaign for your company.

Clients can even build credit for prompting the value of Cheshire Media services… (You may NOT have to pay for any future marketing)!!

The Extra Mile – “Get me an appointment”

Would you like to maximise all your marketing media to generate appointments? If so, we have devised an efficient model which dramatically reduces the cost of traditional methods.

At one time telemarketing was king, as nothing beats speaking in person. But with social media and other technical advancements, to have someone cold call is no longer cost effective. Most of your money is spent trying to find out or reach the relevant person.

Cheshire Media uses telemarketing at the end of the process. Only calling candidates who have already shown an interest in your product or service.