About Us

Our objective is simple. We help clients appeal to a wider
audience,by continually looking for new ways to stand out
from the crowd.
about us


With over 20 years’ experience working in both public and private sectors, many marketing strategies have been observed. While some have inspired, others well let’s say, they’ve contributed to the thought process.

Ever wondered why people avidly watch Coronation Street, read The News of the Word, or follow the Kardashian’s on social media? You may be one of millions in the UK that does, but if not, at some time you probably had some curiosity of what others were talking about.

It is human nature to discuss others, and the juicier the topic, the more infectious it becomes. So, when it comes to promoting your business, why wait for people to stumble across your company, when Cheshire Media can help provide the GOSSIP EFFECT.

Everything Cheshire Media produces follows three key principles:

  • Does it grab your attention?
  • Does it hold your attention?
  • Will you tell someone else about it?

There are many interesting posts on social media which satisfy the first two statements but the third, is much trickier.

When there is more video content uploaded every 30 days, than the previous 30 years of TV production. Interesting, just isn’t good enough.

We work with clients, to uncover why people buy for the way they do. If we understand the individual, we can create media to provoke a reaction.

Take the example below. The two case studies represent the same product, but the uses are different. Instead of focusing on the product, our focus is the viewer.

There’s another human trait which magicians and marketers make full use of – Our brains are inherently lazy.  

Every day we make thousands of decisions which have numerous variables. As we don’t have enough time to analyse everything, our brains automatically make short cuts.

If two people were selling insurance but the first person wore business attire and the other, work overalls. Subconsciously, we are drawn to the more appropriately dressed person. Wearing business attire is the correct context for the product. Similarly, this can have the reverse effect in marketing. If information is presented in a style which is commonly used, your unique product, may inevitably be thought of as something readily available.

That’s why Cheshire Media continue to create new styles and ways to deliver your message. Even subtle changes can be effective but combining several methods Cheshire Media will help your business stand out from the crowd.