About Us

Our objective is simple. We help clients appeal to a wider audience, by continually looking for new ways to standout from the crowd.

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About Us

Do you remember as a child, choosing an item of clothing you just had to have?

I recall as a young boy picking a pair of bright green trainers. Looking back there were hideous. They clashed with everything I wore, but to me, they were perfect. Its U-shaped velcro strap, I spent hours opening and closing until eventually it no longer stayed stuck for long.

Could this have been marketing genius, or just pure chance developing the ideal shoe for a 5-year old child? Most probably the latter.

With over 20 years’ experience working in both public and private sectors, many marketing strategies have been observed. While some have inspired, others well let’s say, they’ve contributed to the thought process.

It is key to understand, there is no useless ideas, nonetheless there is no excuse for repeating mistakes.

Customer perception is everything when making a sale, but as peoples’ viewpoints differ, so should your methods.

Cheshire Media work with clients, to uncover why people buy for the way they do. By understanding the individual, we create media to provoke an emotion, preparing the customer to make that next move.

Our objective is simple. We aim to help clients appeal to a wider audience.

“Of all companies that use video, a staggering 98% say they will continue to use this medium”. (Source – Hubspot)

Even subtle changes can be effective but combining several methods Cheshire Media will help your business stand out from the crowd.

…Facts tell, stories sell.

Welcome to Cheshire Media

Mark Geaney (Founder)