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Our Objective Is Simple.
We help clients raise VISIBILITY and INCREASE SALES.
By finding new innovate ways, YOUR company will
STAND OUT from the crowd.

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What We Do

We get to know you and learn about your customers.
Combining your knowledge with the latest techniques, we’ll build strong relationships and maximise sales.

About Us

We produce media to provoke an emotion. Preparing the customer to
make that next move.

Our Process

Learn, prepare, deliver – a three stage process to help uncover your company’s objectives and convey its message to a customer.


Not only do we produce engaging material, we’ll help you choose the right media for the right audience.


Our success comes from seeing the world from every view point. Our aim is to help everyone succeed by everyone helping each other.

Why people trust us

Our inspiration comes from learning about others, so it is important
our customers feel comfortable to work with us
  • Inspirational Ideals

    Inspirational Ideals

    “As part of the consultation process, we were asked to complete a mind-storm exercise. This 5-minute task generated so many ideas, with have now implemented the process throughout the business.

    Justin Dring
  • Great service with Great prices

    Great service with Great prices

    How do you cram 40 years of experience in the building trade into a 60 second video? Well the guys at Cheshire Media have done so, and we love it.

    Paul Bradley
  • I'm Thrilled!

    I'm Thrilled!

    I am thrilled with our final product. Customers now watch a video and within 60 seconds understand how we differ from the competition and more importantly, why we do it.
    Working with Cheshire Media has and continues to be an absolute pleasure.

    Gina Campbell
  • What are you waiting for?

    What are you waiting for?

    If you struggle with how to make people understand what you do, let alone sell to them, you need to speak to Cheshire Media.  They produced a 40 second video that explains what we do perfectly and makes it so easy to understand.
    If something is easy to understand, it is easy to implement, meaning more sales for you…What are you waiting for?

    Victoria Noble
  • Ideal to convey a message quickly

    Ideal to convey a message quickly

    Marketing is sometimes seen as, you need to do this method, or only that technique will work. But Cheshire Media looks for ways how everyone can collaborate to provide an even better result. Now our campaigns include emails containing video. Which when you only have a short window of opportunity, is ideal to convey a message quickly.

    Stuart Cowan
  • One click away from understanding what we are all about

    One click away from understanding what we are all about

    We’ve had nothing but praise from customers who have viewed our video. Not only is it shown on the website, Cheshire Media advised how we can maximise visibility by setting up a YouTube channel. Now on every email, customers are one click away from understanding what our business is all about.

    David Farley
  • Video is for the person watching it

    Video is for the person watching it

    Initially, we thought about only having one company video to put on our website. But after speaking with the guys at Cheshire Media they helped us realise a video is not for us, but for the people watching it. They made us think about our customers and what motivates them to work with us. Now we use separate videos to target different types of customers.

    Mark O’Connell
  • Virtual Office is amazing!!

    Virtual Office is amazing!!

    The Virtual Office solution is amazing!! Although none of us are based in an office. Everyone in company is connected and can respond to customers immediately. The best thing – No longer are we chasing our tails. Now, we’re the ones in control.

Our Services

People buy from people, so we offer a wide range of Marketing Services
that will personalise your business. The more you engage with the viewer,
the sooner you will gain their trust…

Video Services

We produce media to provoke a reaction,preparing the viewer to make that next move.

Audio Services

It’s one thing to say something, it’s another to make people listen. Interact with your customers and speak straight from the page.

Virtual Office

Perception is everything –We’ll not only make your company appear professional, we’ll make your business efficient and more productive.

Social Media

Which platform should I use? – People like to receive information differently, so speak with them in way they prefer.